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Ready for Sky {dev}

The Ready for Sky technology in the words of developers for the professionals and beginners.

Advantages of R4S {dev}

Speed it up.

Quickly lead the product from the project stage to mass production (1 month when rebranding the device)


Reduce both financial and time costs for creation and maintaining infrastructure (server and application)


You can create your own smart devices

Smart board

Two main R4S elements are the control board with Bluetooth module and mobile application. Integrate the board into the device, get its operation statistics and control it from the smartphone

There is an answer

- I've been encoding for 4 months, but my mother's steam multicooker still does not play my favorite song of the Beatles.

- What makes ConcurrentHashMap scalable?

The truth is in the dialogue

Discuss the difficulties with other developers, share non-obvious features of a new assembly and ask questions. Spend your time usefully on one of our forums


Design any device based on R4S. Choose a device type, create your own interaction scenarios and download the firmware. You can do it yourself at home without any help

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