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We developed over 1000 smart OEM appliances for you

Ready for Sky (Singapore) — an international company, a manufacturer of smart appliances and a hardware platform developer specializing in integration of smart technologies into a wide range of devices.

Our mission is to upgrade and modernize products from different manufacturers and to provide support from concept formation stage to product design.

Ready for Sky (R4S) develops intelligent and convenient hardware and software which allow users to control their devices simply and easily from around the globe using their smartphone/tablet.

Ready for Sky app is a unique innovation of the R4S company, which enables user to control the unlimited number of devices from different brands through a single application.

One of the major advantages of the smart home household appliances on the Ready for Sky technology is that they functionally never go out of date.

power at the tip of your finger

Power at the tip of your finger

One application

Ease of control of the whole home infrastructure via one application for all smart devices

Ease of use

Multilingual app interface

Connection safety

Strangers aren't able to use
your devices

Expanding the functionality

Ease of adding the devices in one application and expanding the functionality of existing devices «wirelessly»


Safe and reliable data transfer protocol, similar to bank security systems

Functionality of devices with Ready for Sky technology

  • Remote turning on/off
  • Taking any readings (appliance condition, environmental condition)
  • Operating schedule/timer
  • Start of the built-in operating modes – apartment, cottage, balcony, etc.
  • Special operating modes – child lock, power saving mode, etc.
  • Monitoring of the devices operation - the frequency of use, the account of consumed power, the state of the motor resource
  • Reminder about the maintenance (cleaning, replacement of consumables, etc.)
  • Provision of extended electronic warranties for users, who connected their devices to the app
  • The user notification about the necessity to order consumables for timely replacements (filters, lubricants, belts, anodes, etc.)
  • And other perspectives – shopping, etc.

Strategic perspective

Amount of downloads
App launch


83,160 — Android

68,965 — iOS


273,798 — Android

183,820 — iOS


623,900 — Android

382,101 — iOS


1,407,600 — Android

764,553 — iOS


  • Get the guaranteed sales return from products with the top market volume position in the home appliance industry embedding innovative smart solutions.
  • This ensures the steadily growing attention and purchasing interest from customers.
  • Brand orientation to active and mainly young audiences creates prospects for mass sales of products controlled from a smartphone — the future perspective of the home appliances market.
  • As for today, the most developed and the widest range of smart home appliances is based on the Ready for Sky technology.